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Is your long-term health and happiness a priority in your life right now? Today is the beginning of good life that we all crave for.
Now you are about to get fit!
Fitness is a vital part of living a healthy lifestyle. Let xtrimfit help you on your way to success.
We are please to introduce our company to you “xtrimfit” is a fitness, health and modeling organization in Nigeria. Our focus is to ensure excellent customer services in fitness with the nest 21st century facilities. We educate our customers to know the benefit of physical and mental exercise alongside with moral boost that will reduce the chances of getting any kind of diseases and also how to take responsibility of their health when need arises.
Our organization believes everybody have the right to experience good life that collate healthy living. Recently, we discovered that in Nigeria, some adequate facilities are yet to be in place and this is why “xtrimfit” is vigorously committed to establish one of the best fitness outfits in Africa that speaks for the good of the people.

We are very proud to mention how we received all kinds of good and encouraging testimonies from our non and existing customers. These has shows “xtrimfit” had been a blessing, especially to that woman believing God for fruit of the womb and not forgetting the high cost of getting these situation fixed by other means.
One of our areas of competence and expertise is the speedy nature of our committed trainers.

Our target is to ensure that at least every new customer should experience 10kg weight loss in two weeks and these, we truly practice. Our target customers include government organizations, private organizations and individuals. Our in-house facilities and cost can accommodate high class, middle class and lower class customers

To cause changes, wipe out death, sickness and diseases.
Bringing good health to nations with our fitness and health programmes
To be number one and a leading in fitness, health and modeling industry, with the best facilities
To be the best in providing excellent customer services.
To ensure good health count in the world.
…….. always in health.



Xtrimfit is a fitness centre, Health and SPA which was named a solution ground by peaople because it manifests the healing power, working miracles and wonders of the Holy Spirit through weight loss, good health and beauty programmes. see . Xtrimfit is also a modelling agency see book.com/xtrimfitmodels; we train models for various purposes. Xtrimfit also has a dance academy which trains youngstars and make them first class stars and bring them to the peak of their career .

Xtrimfit has a series of trained ushers suitable for exotic events and ceremonies such as presidential, international and middle class ceremonies/events.

Xtrimfit deals with herbal and sex products to keep your body fit at all times both physically and emotionally, we have all it takes to keep you psychologically fit for sexual activities. our Gym is not left out of it as registration for fitness activities and participation at our gym hall is a regular routine. www.facebook.com/xtrimfit

Our Services are: Aerobic, Body Enhancement, Tummy Tuk, Tummy Blast, Pregnancy Programme, Body Massage, Rolling, Stretch, Dance Academy-Learn Fun, Adult Toys, Lightening Cream, Skin Care, Sex Product, Kegel, Yoga, Body Scrub, Wax, Shave, Slimming, Enlargement Herbs, Obesity Cure, Body Treatment, Body Polishing, Facials, Sauna Bath, Steam Bath, Nails, Pedicure/Manicure etc.

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